Another new WorldBeatPlanet feature

I’ve added a subscription feature to worldbeatplanet using the Drupal paypal subscription module. For $5/month a user gains upload privileges and gets their own weblog at

Until recently I’ve been concentrating on MacMegasite due to the higher news volume and more or less ignoring WorldBeatPlanet since it gets very few news submissions and I haven’t really made much effort to seek out news to post myself.

Now it’s getting to be the other way around. Since I don’t really have much time to seek out news, I depend on user submissions for MacMegasite. Many of the submissions I get aren’t properly formatted so I have to clean them up. With anonymous comments enabled, I was getting lots of flames & bitchy comments. Plus, I got a warning from DreamHost that I’m using too much CPU time, and due to the volume the majority of it was from macmegasite. In all, dealing with it has been getting to be a pain. On the other hand, several people now are interested in buying ads.

Turning off anonymous posting reduced the spam and cut down on the flames, but it also reduced the volume of news submissions.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting a lot more positive feedback for WorldBeatPlanet & lots of records to review (which I haven’t had time to deal with yet). Several artists are also interested in promoting their music through WorldBeatPlanet and Jimi has offered a lot of praise & encouragement.

The turning point came when Jimi M’baye asked me to help him sell his album in the US through CD Baby and take over for his manager, who was getting too busy for him. Over the last month or so, I’ve put in a lot of effort to promote his album & get it duplicated & packaged professionally. After my experience with that, I’m now planning to import & sell music directly under the WorldBeatPlanet label.

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