Drupal.org down

I see that Drupal.org has been down for a few days. This also prevents other drupal sites with shared authentication from logging in users with IDs at drupal.org.

update: There’s some information at http://www.webschuur.com/drupal.org:

Drupal.org is down for maintenance.

And a quick command to “fix” the xmlrpc issue is to get rid of the XMLRPC file. But removing it will give you errors, you should thus replace it with an empty file.
You can use the command
rm includes/xmlrpc.inc && touch includes/xmlrpc.inc

4 responses to “Drupal.org down

  1. Is this about that security hole they found in PHP's XML-RPC library a few days ago? Maybe they took the site offline until a patch is released.

  2. I guess something wores is happening.
    Patching the XML-RPC-library isn't difficult at all, and certainly shouldn't take more then a few hours.

  3. The security holes (except XML-RPC) are already patched in Drupal 4.6.2. That one is easy to fix by simply disabling the modules which use it.

  4. The current downtime of drupal.org is due to a maintenance problem at the computer center where the drupal.org server is located.