Podcasting a big yawn

I’ve tried listening to a few podcasts with my new iPod & iTunes 4.9 and I just can’t get excited about it. I really hate talk radio and most podcasts I’ve listened to are full of the same boring chatter, lousy interviews, and annoying commentators. The only podcasts I really like are Benn loxo du taccu (one hand can’t clap) because it’s nothing but a single entire music track with no talk, and Tips from the top floor (although that one’s starting to annoy me a bit) because it’s short and gives useful digital photography tips, but it’s starting to have too much annoying gabbing & self-promotion.

I won’t listen to a podcast that’s more than 15 minutes and I can’t stand interviews. At that point I get sick of it and turn to my own music playlists.

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