We won't hear about this in the mainstream media

Via Global Voices Online:

Mauritanian blogger Rauf writes about the apparent coup that has taken place in Mauritania. Here’s a rough, machine-assisted translation of what’s been posted to his blog:

Shootings with heavy weapon were heard Wednesday morning in Nouakchott after the presidential guard had taken the control of several strategic points of the Mauritanian capital, where a military coup d’etat has occurred in the absence of the Head of the State, Maaouyia Ould Taya.

As of 5H00 local (and GMT), soldiers of the presidential guard took the control of the buildings of the staff, the radio and national television and blocked access to the presidency and the ministries, according to this source.

According to observers, they also positioned vehicles equipped with heavy weapons and anti-aircraft batteries at several strategic points of the capital.
Five shootings of heavy machines resounded with 10h15 close to the center of Nouakchott, whose streets were emptied gradually, of the population.

In the capital, the administrative buildings were deserted and activity was weak at the end of the morning, with only some pedestrians and vehicles in the streets.

This is why I read Global Voices Online. It’s the best place to find local stories from around the world blogged by people actually experiencing it.

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