Katrina's aftermath

We escaped with little damage other than a lot of downed trees and a few signs destroyed. Luckily we never lost power, although much of the surrounding neighborhood still has no power. The Publix around the corner has only emergency power with no refrigeration or air conditioning. The ATM was working & they were selling only foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. Most areas are expected to have full power back by Tuesday.

I went to visit my mother in Pompano Beach today. Although most traffic signals are out to the south of me, almost all of them were working north of here. My mother lost power Thursday night until last night & her phone was out until late this afternoon.

One response to “Katrina's aftermath

  1. OMG mike3k – I found you via MetaFilter. I lived about a block and a half from you on 5th Ave. until this last March when I moved to Kansas in April. I used to walk to the Walgreens at 6th and Commercial right past Embarcadero. It looks from your Flickr photos that it was similar damage as last October.

    I rode out the hurricanes last year and had had enough by then. That neighborhood flooded all the time and I imagine it's been bad although the street construction should be finished by now (?) and it was supposed to help that.

    I wish I'd known you were so close – we could have had a MeFi Meetup somewhere. Oh well, I hope you're okay. Thanks for posting pics.