Helping Katrina victims

My community is collecting items such as clothing, blankets & pillows, radios, flashlights, canned goods, diapers, children’s toys & books, etc. to send to hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. In addition, people can offer help to new orleans residents on this page. Of course there’s always Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. If you’re a DreamHost customer, their monthly charity is the Red Cross and they will match all contributions.

One thought on “Helping Katrina victims”

  1. I belong to a book group that is interested in sending books to the hurricane victims. Are you interested in receiving these and getting them to a distribution point?
    We meet on Sept 20, and would like to have a plan for sending them to a group/shelter at that time.
    Thanks so much for all you are doing to help. We want to help too!
    Laurel Smith
    Anacortes, WA

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