Worse than 9/11

There’s a controversy brewing over the statement by Daily Kos that Katrina was worse than 9/11. It is much worse than 9/11. Here’s why: On 9/11 the destruction was limited to a very small area and didn’t leave a large number of people homeless or make an entire city uninhabitable.

Katrina, on the other hand, devastated several states, shut down entire cities and left thousands of people homeless and without food or medical care. Even if fewer people die from Katrina, which is unlikely, an entire city is now being evacuated and will be uninhabitable for several months. New Orleans may never recover from the destruction. In fact house speaker Dennis Hastert dropped a bombshell when he suggested that rebuilding N.O. doesn’t make sense.

One response to “Worse than 9/11

  1. The day he said that, I bet most people were still too horrified about all those people dying of starvation and thirst on national television to worry about rebuilding. At least, that was my excuse for not catching Hassert's implications the first time.