Today's Projects

I did three things today:

  • I got an antenna extender for my new Linksys WRT54G and relocated the antenna high on the wall to increase the signal strength. I can now get a decent signal on my powerbook if I sit in the yard behind my apartment.
  • I installed PmWiki on my powerbook. I had previously tried MoinX to use as a personal wiki for note taking & storing snippets but I didn’t like having yet another application running. Since I already have apache with PHP running, I wanted something written in PHP that will run on it. I looked at a few but I chose PmWiki because it’s very fast, very easy to install, and doesn’t use MySQL.
  • I wrote a PHP & MySQL based web front-end for the iTunes Music Library on my Mac Mini. I had tried a certain iTunes sharing product. Although the developer is very nice and I’m working with him to fix the bugs, it’s just not very usable. It’s way too slow starting up, runs as an application requiring user interaction to start up, and is very buggy. Once again I wanted to take advantage of apache, which is already running. I used SQLTunes to build a database from my iTunes library and wrote a PHP script to present it nicely and with most of the features of that other product. The script is available here.

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