Yahoo Domains are a pain

I registered a domain for my condo (mirroring the current more unwieldy name) at Yahoo Domains a few days ago because their $2.97 offer was tempting.

I figured I could change the DNS records to host it at DreamHost, as I did with my other domains registered at GoDaddy or DirectNIC. I found that Yahoo’s domain control panel doesn’t give full control over editing the DNS records. I was able to change the name servers and A record, but it wouldn’t let me set up the MX records for Dreamhost. I also can’t set it up properly in DreamHost’s control panel, and now Yahoo’s control panel tells me I don’t own the domain.

This is the first and last time I’ll ever register a domain at Yahoo. It just isn’t worth $2.97 for all of the hassle, and I still don’t have it working properly.

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