DirecTV woes & quick service

Someone from DirecTV was here before 9AM yesterday to repair my dish. He ended up replacing it with a new one since it was slightly damaged. It also appears to be mounted better than the old dish, on the parapet wall as it should be, rather than directly on the roof as the old one was.

It was working perfectly until a little while ago when I suddenly lost all of my programming and the info screen said my account was closed. After calling the service department, it seemed that there was a note that I called to suspend my account, which I didn’t. When I asked to have it restored, the service came back immediately, while I was still on the phone.

This may have happened when I switched the phone number on my account to my cell phone (which can’t be done on their web site), since my home phone is *still* dead. They told me they were adding a note that PPV (which I never use anyway) is blocked since it’s not my home phone until I get it fixed. It might have been mistaken for a request to suspend my account.

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