MSG Night Two Receives Rave Reviews


DMB’s performance last night at Madison Square Gardens is receiving some of the most glowing reviews that we’ve ever seen. Terms including “magical,” “electrifying,” “amazing,” “unbelievable” and a “life changing force” have all been used to describe the performance, which featured Mike Doughty singing on “Jimi Thing,” Robert Randolph on “Smooth Rider” and “Louisiana Bayou,” and a “Christmas Song”/”Halloween”/”Ants Marching” encore. The low percentage of songs from Stand Up (about 25%) and the snow-blowing stage theatrics probably had something to do with it, too.

The performance is likely to be remembered as being on par with classics like the June 11, 2001 Giants Stadium show, particularly for those who were there.

I just downloaded “Jimi Thing” and a few other songs (thanks Dave for letting fans share your music). It’s awesome hearing Mike Doughty with the band.

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