Update on my mom

Today my mom looked & sounded better than she has in a while, but the doctor is suggesting hospice care. He doesn’t think aggressive treatment for her cancer will do much good, so the best thing would be just to keep her as comfortable as possible. I don’t know how her doctor missed the cancer all along so it’s now in such an advanced stage. Her health has been deteriorating badly in the last few months. Until April she was living in her own condo (which she recently sold), although she needed someone to help her during the day. When her home care wasn’t renewed, she moved into an assisted living facility. In the last few months she started having more trouble breathing until she went into the hospital around the time of hurricane Wilma. That’s when the (new) doctors discovered her cancer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my father’s unexpected death during Macworld Expo in 1991. That’s one reason I’m not going.

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