Homebrew for PSP firmware 2.6!

Via PSP Fanboy: PSP Firmware 2.6 has been hacked to allow homebrew software to run on it. Unfortunately the hack requires GTA, which I don’t have. I’ll probably buy it just to be able to run homebrew even though I’m not interested in the game.

3 responses to “Homebrew for PSP firmware 2.6!

  1. why fo you need to buy a game to run a hack on your psp?

  2. Coz u run hombrew thorugh GTA savegame. U go into gta and load it's save game and your app starts instead of gta.

  3. Dude, you rock! I am not so sad for having a 2.6 fw PSP now. That saved me a trip out to get Luminees! Now I can put that 30 bucks on something else. Wait until I tell my TETRIS buddy at Sam Goody about this. PLEASE keep bringing more neat stuff to the 2.6 fw PSP. You are my hero dude.


    —ViCtOrY iS mInE, aWwWwWw, DaMn YoU aLL—-