New Multi-function device

I needed a new fax machine, since I had the worst plain-paper fax ever. The cover latch broke, so it would never close properly and always displayed ‘check film’ even when I replaced the roll. I decided to replace it with a multi-function device, since I also used it as a copier even though it wasn’t very good. My Epson C82’s print quality was starting to deteriorate, so having a nice printer would also be a plus.

I was considering a Brother MFC-210C but ended up buying a Brother MFC-420CN, since it has a sheet feeder and network interface. It even has a built-in card reader that can print directly from SD or CF cards. It was very easy to set up – it just worked as soon as I connected it. I didn’t have to do any network setup, since it automatically configured itself from my router’s DHCP server. Since it supports RendezvousBonjour, it showed up right away in the printer list. The CUPS driver for it was already installed.

Surprisingly, Brother’s software doesn’t suck™. The only downside is the TWAIN drivers only work with a USB connection. Fortunately their Control Center software will scan over the network. The standard CUPS drivers can fax or print over the network. The print quality is excellent.

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