Catching up

I apologize for not writing much in the last few days, but I’ve had a lot going on. Here’s a summary.

  • We’re making very good progress on the consumer product (LoJack for Laptops). The actual code is the same as the regular Computrace agent, only the installer & activation is different. I’ve been working on the new web-based activation.
  • We have a very ugly situation at the condo. At least 14 roofs need to be replaced completely out of 34 buildings and all of the rest have damage that needs to be repaired. That means another assessment. We had one just before Wilma to pay for two roofs that needed to be replaced before the storm, but now there’s a lot more damage. As you can imagine, a lot of people are pissed. Some troll posted some very nasty stuff on the web site, among other things accusing the association of stealing money for decorations and parties (all of which was paid for entirely by the president & vice president out of their own pocket without using any of the association’s money). Of course the same people who complained came to all of our parties during the holiday season and the cookouts when we had no power after Wilma and ate for free. We’re having a town meeting tomorrow night about the roofs and we expect it to get very nasty.
  • I’m still dealing with my mom’s medical bills.

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