Classic on Intel

Although Intel macs don’t support classic, SheepShaver may be a way to run older software. I’ve installed an x86 build and I finally found a working ROM image, but it won’t boot my 9.2 CD, which is the oldest one I can find. Tomorrow I’ll look for a 9.0 CD which it should be able to boot.

UPDATE: I was able to get it running using the Software Install CD from my old G4 minitower. I posted the full details here.

2 responses to “Classic on Intel

  1. Have you tried PearPC? I think some people have gotten it to compile on Intel Macs.

  2. No, I forgot about PearPC. I did manage to get SheepShaver working using a PowerMac G4 software restore disk. I'll post the full details at macmegasite later.

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