Laser turntable plays records like CDs

this is really cool (Via Boing Boing.)

The ELP laser turntable reads LPs with lasers — the manufacturer claims that the lasers can read ‘virgin’ parts of the grooves that haven’t been touched by needles and produce a better sound, and that the five laser read-head lets you skip forward and back across or within tracks as you would with a CD.

I don’t own any LPs, but this looks like a great way to preserve old LPs by avoiding wear every time they’re played.

One response to “Laser turntable plays records like CDs

  1. Sony released a Highend turntable about 13 years ago that did exactly the same thing. It was discontinued but I've played with one of those 10 years ago. It worked just like CDs, showing the number of tracks and with FF and RW. I was wondering why the new generations of turntables didn't come all like that.