Garrison Keillor's Take on Bush, Gays, and San Francisco

Via Street Prophets: Keillor published an op-ed in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun, lamenting the fact that Republicans have sunk so low as to pin all of their election-year hopes on linking Nancy Pelosi to San Francisco (um, that’s where she lives!) and attempting to establish House Speaker Denny Hastert as the Republican poster boy.

Keillor makes a very good point: tolerance and equality are not only moral imperatives, they are also sound economic policy. Ideas thrive in an open society, and more risks are taken in an atmosphere of openmindedness. The sentiment “You can’t do that here” is not only un-American in this case, it’s also bad for business.

Two comments nail it:

Without the Arts, the Sciences, Freedom of Belief, the Love of Books, The Right to Express Ideas, we will slip slowly into obscurity beneath the weight of our stupidity.

No society has ever succeeded by moving backwards. Progress requires openness, tolerance, liberal ideals, and free thinking.

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