Vancouver Day 5

Today I worked late to finish everything that needed to be done while I’m here, since tomorrow we’ll be going to a company picnic instead of the office.

Since the Mac version of LoJack for Laptops got a lot of press yesterday we’ve had a lot of activity. A few people ran into an installation problem when they tried to install as a non-administrative user (which isn’t possible, since we need to install some files in system directories). We’re going to make sure the user can’t miss the note that it must be installed when logged in as an administrator in the instructions to avoid those problems in the future.

After work I walked down to Davie street and had dinner at Gigi’s. It stays bright pretty late here. When I got back to my hotel after 9PM it was still light.

I did a bit of googling and figured out that this is the CD I picked up yesterday. I really like it a lot.

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