New Prius

I finally got my new Prius!



4 responses to “New Prius

  1. Excellent news. How does it ride? More importantly, does it have an iPod hookup?

  2. It still feels a bit strange. Accelleration feels different – I can feel the gas engine kick in. I still find myself reaching for the shift knob in the usual place. It's completely silent when it starts, so I sometimes don't realize it started. Once I'm driving it doesn't feel any different.

    It has an AUX input but no iPod control.

  3. The Lexus 400h hybrid is the same – often don't even know it is on. In fact, they warn you not to valet park because if someone switchs it on several times, there is some override that causes the battery to turn off, and you theoretically would have to call to get towed.

    No AUX input that I've found.

  4. They include a stack of cards that tell how to start & drive it for car washes, valet parking, etc.