Battery Exchange Saga

A few days before I left for WWDC, I requested a battery exchange for my MacBook Pro. I got a call from the courier on Friday before I left to confirm the delivery address and let me know that it would be delivered Monday. It turns out they left one digit off the address, which made it a non-existent address. I corrected them and let them know I would be out of town that day, so they should deliver it to my neighbor in the next building.

When I got back I found that the package was never delivered and no note was left. I tried to re-enter the same battery serial number on Apple’s page and got an error message saying that the exchange was already requested. I then called Apple and the person I talked to seemed to be using the same form. He just told me exactly the same thing I found from entering the serial number. He wasn’t able to do anything more than I could do through that form. He also couldn’t give me a tracking number for the shipment.

I then called DHL and after being transferred to several people and having to call back my local office I found that it was delivered to a completely different address. They would send someone to that address to recover the package. After I called them again today, I was informed that the package was recovered and will be delivered tomorrow morning. That’s how it stands now. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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