Why I'm not running Leopard

I got the Leopard preview at WWDC and installed it on an external drive, but I’ve booted it about 5 times and only for a few minutes. I always go right back to 10.4 since I can’t do any real work in Leopard. Here’s why:

  • I can’t check my email in Leopard at risk of losing email and getting out of sync with my mailbox in 10.4.
  • The current version & betas of Parallels Desktop won’t work. They’re unable to load the HDD file.
  • Of course there’s the inconvenience & sluggishness of booting from a USB drive (adding a larger internal drive with a second partition will eliminate this one).
  • There aren’t really any “must have” features that I’m really excited about.
  • Time Machine requires a lot of space on my server, and since I’m using a NFS server, it uses a disk image on the server. It also needs to be running for a few hours to back up the machine initially.

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