Trip to Apple Store

I went to the Apple Store in Boca Raton to buy a new AC adapter for my MacBook Pro. They didn’t have a Wireless Mighty Mouse or I might have picked one up. Thankfully with the new adapter my battery is charging. I’ll see if Apple will replace my old adapter so I’ll have a spare.

Driving up there I took Powerline Road (speed 45-50 MPH) with the AC off and the windows open. I was able to get 60-70MPG most of the time and I saw the battery fully charged (all bars green) for the first time. I took I-95 (speed limit 65) home, with the AC on and the windows closed. I barely managed 50MPG and the battery stayed around 5 bars, sometimes going down to half or less. Now that the car is getting broken in (and I’m more experienced driving it), I find that my mileage is generally improving.

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