CrossOver Mac Beta

I tried the CrossOver Mac beta and I found it to be pretty bad. It really isn’t much better than the original WINE beta I tried a few months ago. I gave up and deleted it after installing & trying IE6.

CrossOver has a built-in installer for supported Windows applications, including Internet Explorer 6 SP1. I was able to install IE successfully with the installer, but running it was another matter. IE didn’t appear in the Program menu, couldn’t be launched from the program list, and wasn’t in the ~/CrossOver applications folder. I finally found it in ~/Library/Application Support/CrossOver and was able to launch it from the Finder.

When I finally ran IE, it wouldn’t even fully load the default MSN home page and it ran a lot slower than it does under Parallels. Note that CrossOver is still beta, so it’s possible that these problems can be fixed in the release version. I’m still sticking with Parallels, though.

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