Today is . OneWebDay is one day a year when we all – everyone around the physical globe – can celebrate the Web and what it means to us as individuals, organizations, and communities. Read more about it here.

On OneWebDay, take one web-related action that helps someone else, such as:

  • teach someone to use an application (blog, wiki, Flickr) that is new to them
  • start a group blog about an issue you care about
  • help a grandparent get in touch with a grandchild online
  • help a young student find a new educational resource online
  • start a story online that other people add to
  • go to a local senior center and volunteer to help people get online
  • go to a local school and volunteer to help get better equipment in place
  • talk to your town about getting free wireless access in place
  • post a tribute to a friend online – interview him/her about his/her life
  • have a contest with a friend to collect and display the five most amazing things you can find online
  • go to a public wireless place and strike up a conversation about the web with someone near you
  • send a recipe to a friend and then make dinner together

For more ideas visit the OneWebDay Wiki.


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