MacMegasite changes complete

I’ve installed the new theme at MacMegasite and I’ve also created a mobile edition, available at which uses a minimalist theme with no graphics. I did it through the magic of Drupal’s multiple site feature. I copied settings.php from the default site to a new site directory and simply added an override for default_theme.

Now that I’ve finished these changes to MacMegasite I can turn my attention to WorldBeatPlanet, which I’ve been neglecting. WorldBeatPlanet is still running Drupal 4.6, because it’s a lot more complex than MacMegasite. I use a few custom modules and the e-commerce module, so I’ve avoided trying to upgrade it to 4.7. I’d also like to change the store section to allow artists to have their own store where they’ll get paid directly for file downloads.

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