Edgy Upgrade Woes

Yesterday I attempted to upgrade my server from Ubuntu 6.06 (dapper) to 6.10 (edgy eft) with disastrous results. The upgrade was incomplete & after it finished X11 wouldn’t start. I booted up in recovery mode and completed the install and was able to start X11 and have most things working. Unfortunately it got worse from there. When I rebooted it would always freeze when checking devices. It turns out my boot drive was bad.

Luckily I had a spare drive so I was able to replace it. I did a clean install from a Dapper CD and I’m now in the process of upgrading to Edgy before I install anything else. That will take a few hours.

3 thoughts on “Edgy Upgrade Woes”

  1. Shouldn't you have WAITED to UPGRADE your SERVER? Servers should never get upgraded until you've tested them. Also, upgrades are inherently unstable and not advised. So much has changed from 6.06 to 6.10 that a simple upgrade was EXTREMELY unlikely to work. Canonical makes it easy for users to download CD images and install Ubuntu that way but does very little in the way of making 'upgrades' easy. Upgrades are dangerous and, unless you're paying Canonical for support (like you are Microsoft or Apple for their OSes) you can't expect them to support extremely unstable upgrade paths.

    Also, you might want to check out this page: http://tinyurl.com/yngefr You might find some hints on how to upgrade.

  2. Those are the instructions I used. Anyway, I had a pretty bloated system with both ubuntu-desktop & kubuntu-desktop installed (I use it mostly as a personal server although a few other people use it, plus I do some software development on it). Anyway I got it working by doing a clean install of 6.06 and upgrading it to 6.10 before I installed anything else. The one feature I need in Edgy is Xen.

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