New Phone

A few days ago I got an LG CU500, which Cingular is offering as an upgrade for $49. It’s a very nice phone, much slimmer than my old Motorola V551. More importantly, the sound quality & reception is a lot better and it hasn’t dropped a call. It’s a 3G phone with a built-in music player.

However it has a very big problem: it doesn’t work with iSync, and there isn’t any other software that will sync with it. Since it’s a fairly new phone, hopefully that will change soon. I ended up copying the addressbook from my old phone on a SIM card.

It requires a Micro SD card for music. I bought a 1 GB card today, only to find that it didn’t work – I always get an error saying the card isn’t ready. The card does work with a card reader, though. A google search shows that it’s a very common problem and the phone is very picky about memory cards.

3 responses to “New Phone

  1. There are no LG phones listed at all on Apple's website for iSync compatible devices.… So, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting, unless you know of a third party solution that supports iSync with an LG device.

  2. Suzanne O'Brien

    Research located a solution for Address Book – although clumsy – you can save your entries on your Mac as vcards, and then send, via Bluetooth, to your phone.

    (You have to pair them first – when I tried pairing from my laptop, it couldn't work with the phone, but the phone found the laptop.)

    When the vcards are received, they end up in "My Stuff", and can be saved in the address book.

    I'm still working on a calendar solution, which is driving me batty.

  3. Thanks Suszanne – It works. You can create a .vcf by simply dragging an addressbook entry to the desktop. Unfortunately it doesn't do the same with .ics files created from iCal.