San Francisco

I spent the day traveling to San Francisco. After a 5 hour flight from Fort Lauderdale, I had 3 hours in Los Angeles before my connecting flight to San Francisco. It was a very long day.

In the morning I got to the airport 2 hours early and breezed through the security checkpoint. I learned that I should wear shoes without laces that I can slip in and out of easily. Usually I have to find my way to someplace I can sit down with my shoes untied. This time I was on my way as soon as I passed through the checkpoint. Fort Lauderdale has nice free wireless internet, unlike LAX.

The hotel is great, although the first room I got was tiny – there wasn’t even a desk where I could use my MacBook Pro. Fortunately they were able to give me a larger room for only $10/night more. This room is like a small apartment with a separate living room and bedroom. The hotel has a very nice courtyard which is surrounded by the rooms.
Hotel Room

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