Gmail spam filter losing effectiveness

I find that Gmail’s spam filters are becoming much less effective. Lately more and more spams get past the filter. This morning I found 11 turds in my inbox. I get over 200 spams a day, so I usually empty my junk folder more than once a day. Occasionally I’ll check the first page for false positives, but I haven’t seen any in more than a month.

With the volume of spam, I really wish they’d block the most obvious spam at the server, so it won’t even appear in the junk folder. In fact I’m now doing that on my dreamhost mailbox using their SpamAssassin with some of the settings tweaked and some extra procmail filtering. Right now my spam filtering on dreamhost is a lot more effective, since most of the spams are redirected to a dedicated spam-catcher account before I even see them. I really like Gmail’s web interface and their mobile app, otherwise I’d just forward my gmail to the dreamhost account so I can filter it there.

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