Switched to Yojimbo

I’ve been using SOHO Notes (and previously StickyBrain) for many years, since their .Mac promotion. Lately I’ve been getting annoyed with it, in particular the very annoying startup delay when it opens the database. I have a review copy of DevonTHINK so I also tried that, but the major drawback is it doesn’t support .Mac sync.

I’ve been looking at Bare Bones Software’s Yojimbo for a while, so today I finally took the plunge and bought it. My major sticking point all along was how to import my data from SOHO Notes. I realized it was simple: select all notes and export to separate files. In Yojimbo, I was able to import that folder with everything intact.

3 responses to “Switched to Yojimbo

  1. I was in the same situation. I recently dumped SOHO Notes/Organizer for DEVONthink Pro; I'm very happy with DEVONthink. My computer is running so much faster now…

    BTW – DEVONthink site has downloadable scripts that will add .Mac backup "quick picks."

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  3. Hrm.. I'm frustrated with SOHO Notes' lack of support for the new blogger… They're tech. support guy is like 'What new blogger? huh?'…

    I'm liking bleezer which is free but as die-hard BBEdit guy I might be checking out Yojimbo based on your recommendation!

    Journler is nice too but it doesn't currently support blogger either.



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