Mii Transfer doesn't work on PowerPC

Several people informed me that Mii Transfer won’t launch on a PowerPC Mac. Since my G4 lacks Bluetooth, I’ve only tested it on Intel Macs. I’ll try to release a PPC fix in the next few days.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    I tried this app and at first it did not run, after working with it in Xcode I got it to run. I relinked the Framework and made the app project aware of the framework project so there is no need to precompile it.

    I tested it on G3 (crashed, perhaps due to the lack of Bluetooth), G4 (worked), and G5 (worked).



    Thanks for the Awesome app!

  2. I can run it now but what’s next? It asked me to press sync button. After I pressed the red sync button inside my Wii remote, the application showed “WiiRemoteDiscovery error”.

  3. Rather than the red SYNC button, you should press the [1] and [2] buttons at the same time. Make sure you have your computer’s bluetooth turned on (it doesn’t need to be discoverable, though).

  4. The new version works for me, too. Although it did ask me to press the “synchronize” button one time I ran it—that didn’t work. But pressing 1+2 seems to work. (I had to run the program 3-4 times to get it right.)

    Thanks for the cool program!

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