Mii Transfer 0.1a fixes PowerPC compatibility

I just released Mii Transfer 0.1a to fix the launch problem on PowerPC Macs. There are no code changes, I simply linked it with a universal build of WiiRemote framework. Intel Mac users don’t need to update.

I also added a troubleshooting section to the readme file. The major problem on G4 Macs (which is actually an issue with WiiRemote framework) is pairing problems if the remote is also added in Bluetooth settings. Make sure the Wiimote is NOT connected in Bluetooth preferences (it will appear as a device named “Nintendo RVL-CNT-01”). If it does appear, disconnect and delete it. Make sure the Bluetooth setup window is CLOSED before you attempt to connect. If the connection fails, quit and relaunch.

6 thoughts on “Mii Transfer 0.1a fixes PowerPC compatibility”

  1. Is there any way to send a Mii back to the Wiimote if you have it on the computer using this program? Or is it only for taking Miis off the Wiimote?

  2. Right now I've only implemented copying Miis from the Wiimote. I'll try to work on sending Miis this weekend.

  3. After pairing the remote with the computer and clicking the "Save Mii" button, I'm prompted to push the "synchronize" button. I assume this is the red button under the battery cover. After pushing this, I get a connection error. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Am I even installing it right? I'm simply unarchived both files to my desktop and ran the MiiTransfer.app file. Thanks for any help.

  4. Great work! Thanks for releasing the source too. I can't wait for the transfer to wiimote functionality since I am on my third wii and after the last replacement from Nintendo I have not been able to edit my miis that I had saved. Soon I will be able to change the 4 bytes in the .mii files that hash off of my wii mac addr and set them to mingle again. Yay, thanks once again!

  5. Great app! The new PPC version works for me on both my iMac G3 Snow (external Bluetooth dongle) and on my iMac G5 Rev a (internal Bluetooth). The advice about ensuring the Wiimote is not connected to the Mac in Bluetooth prefs is good. Many thanks.


  6. I run the app, and it never connects. I checked, and it’s not paired to the laptop. I have rebooted, restarted wii, etc. I am runing a powerbook g4, I updated to 10.4.9 today before I downloaded this app. Any ideas?

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