Why I don't write about politics

I haven’t written about politics lately because there’s just too much to get worked up about. Right now I’m enjoying the spectacle of the administration falling apart. Instead of getting outraged, I’m just sitting back and watching the events play out. It feels so much like a repeat of Nixon’s second term that I’m sure there will be some high-level resignations and/or firings. Once Bush & Company are out of office, I’m sure we’ll discover even more corruption.

Read more at When Will Fredo Get Whacked? (B12 Solipsism): “Frank Rich takes a look at the back story behind Ali-G and the Dauphin, including some interesting factoids about Bush and his jury duty. Too bad we didn’t have a national media who paid attention to details back in 1999 when it would have mattered.” (Via http://www.b12partners.net/.)

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