Working on Mii Transfer

I’ve been trying to use Jasen’s branch of WiiRemote Framework from Subversion which integrates my code and is supposed to make it more reliable on PowerPC. Unfortunately I found that it makes the connect much less reliable, at least on my MacBook Pro. I fixed the problem with Miis other than the first one being corrupted, but I still don’t have sending Miis working.

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  1. Michael Sliczniak

    Could you send me your code as it is at the moment. I may have some time this weekend. I would like to get the mii sending to work.

  2. Did you get the gzipped file I sent you earlier today?

  3. Michael Sliczniak

    Yes I got it, I will have a chance to look at it on Saturday. I think you can just ignore the acks for now and hope for the best.

  4. Love your work… any luck on sending? I think we’d love to hear your progress but no rush (wait, you have life and job beyond working on wii remote hacks? =P).

    If for any reason you’ve stopped development let me know… I can pick up possibly as its a feature I would love to see.

  5. Hi Matt,

    Michael Sliczniak sent me a version with his code that sends Miis to the wiimote, which works for him. However, it doesn't work on my machine so I'm trying to figure out what's wrong. The Miis it sends can then be read from the wiimote, but they don't appear on my Wii when I look at the wiimote. I'm thinking a CRC error or maybe I have to write it to the backup Mii block as well.

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