Panic's Coda

There has been a lot of buzz about Panic’s new web development app, Coda. I’ve been trying it out but I’m still undecided whether I’ll buy it. I already own both BBEdit and TextMate. Both have features I like and neither of them does everything I want.

I do more than just web development. I usually write articles for MacMegasite and WorldBeatPlanet offline in a text editor. I need to be able to reformat the text and remove linebreaks. I really like using TextMate’s BBCode plugin to markup the text. I also like TextMate’s auto-completion features. However, TextMate lacks some basic features of BBEdit, like being able to easily switch line endings between Unix & DOS, which is essential for me, since my company uses Windows-based VSTS for source control. I also like BBEdit’s FTP browser and file compare feature, which TextMate lacks.

For web development, I really like Coda’s integration and workflow, but the editor itself isn’t as nice as either BBEdit or TextMate. I also prefer using multiple windows.

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