Drowning in comment spam

I just deleted 1192 comment spams from the Akismet queue on this blog. All of these spams arrived since I emptied the queue yesterday. I no longer bother checking the queue before I empty it due to the huge volume of spam since I’ve only seen one or two false positives. I’ve also had Akismet miss two spams in the last few weeks, but I was required to moderate them, so they never appeared on the site.

6 responses to “Drowning in comment spam

  1. Verrry interesting. I'm just about to re-launch my web site with the latest version of Drupal, and I had been planning on using the Drupal Akismet module to keep things under control.

    Perhaps something stronger is indicated? I don't want to require people to set up accounts to post, but at the same time I don't want to be overrun with spam.

  2. I don't know of anything stronger than Akismet. It caught all of the 1192 spams in the last day and it just caught 349 more since I posted this.

  3. OK based on that endorsement I'll give it a shot. In the worst case Drupal also has a captcha module, and a Bayesian spam filter, so I can up the ante if it becomes necessary.

  4. Yeah. What is up with this? THOUSANDS of spam comments!

  5. Hrm. Back again to ask what happened to your 'random-image' theme? I'm trying to sell my employer on using it… If you no longer have it on your site, is it ok if I pass them my archived copy?

  6. Sorry… changes to the .htaccess made it inaccessible. You can find the theme at http://www.mcdevzone.com/files/random-image/index

    I really should convert it to a subpage under projects, which would fix the problem.

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