Parallels Revisited

For the last few days I’ve been fighting with Microsoft VSTS to get my source code checked in. Whenever I try to get latest changes to my VMware shared folder, it always fails with error 1359. Just for fun, I tried using the virtual C drive instead of my Mac OS X home directory and it had no problem, so I figured it had a problem with VMware’s shared folders.

At that point I decided to try a Windows VM in Parallels instead of VMware, mapping my home directory as a shared folder. The result was only slightly different: I got error 50 instead of 1359. It looks like VSTS has a problem with any virtual shared folders. However, Parallels caused lots of problems for me. It locked up my machine completely after about 10 minutes forcing me to reboot. It also kills QuickSilver’s hot key. I ended up going back to VMware which doesn’t slow my machine down and doesn’t affect anything else. I’m still frustrated with VSTS and still unable to check in my code.

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