I hate my Toyota dealer

I didn’t hate them until they refused to stop calling me about taking their survey. I brought my Prius in for its one year scheduled maintenance last week (which was free of charge) and I was happy with their service. HOWEVER, they’ve been insisting that I take their survey ever since.

I started getting mysterious calls from an 800 number with no answer. Finally one time an actual person called me and told me they were from my Toyota dealer and asked me to take their survey. I told her no and that they should NOT call me again because I DON’T want to take their survey.

That didn’t stop them. I’ve still been getting their automated calls every day. I got one a few minutes ago that was a recording telling me to call an 800 number to do their survey.

Message to Toyota:

I do NOT want to take your survey. If you don’t stop calling me about the survey, I will never go to a Toyota dealer again. You just lost me as a customer because you won’t allow me NOT to take your damned survey.

Update: I just got a reply email from them saying that they took me off the phone list. Thanks!

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