The Apple Tax

Scoble nails it.

You think you got it bad cause the iPhone dropped in price by $200? My family has bought three of them so far. Well, four, if you include Patrick’s mom, who just bought one a week ago. She’ll be able to get her $200 back, but the rest of us have paid an early-adopter-tax of $600.

My first response? This is nothing new.

I remember when Steve Wozniak showed me his new die-sublimation printer back in 1990. It cost him $40,000. Today a $70 printer does a better job.

This “reduce the pricing” trend is one of the reasons I LOVE this industry.

Seagate, today, just brought out new hard drives. More capacity. More features. Lower price.

Am I bummed that I spent $2,000 on my first 20 megabyte hard drive when today a $400 model is a terabyte? No. I’m happy!

I celebrate anytime our industry drops prices. It brings more people into what we’re doing.

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