Today was Oakland Park’s third annual Oktoberfest. It was lots of fun, with lots of food, music, and entertainment. I took about 300 pictures and I’ve uploaded 42 of the best here.


My Nikon L5 is really starting to annoy me. The image quality is great, but it’s painfully slow. It takes 10-15 seconds after I turn it on until it becomes ready to use. If I use the flash, it takes 5 seconds or longer to process a picture and get ready for the next one. I missed a lot of great shots because of the delays.

I’m planning to make the jump to a DSLR, probably a Nikon D40x.

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  1. Mike:

    I work for the City of Oakland Park as the Public Information Office and would like to express my appreciation for sharing such an outstanding array of photos.

    We look forward to you attending more of our City events.



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