Wilma two years later

Two years ago today we got hit by Hurricane Wilma. Although Hurricane Katrina got more press, Wilma was the bigger disaster for south Florida. I lost power early in the morning and was without power for 10 days. Almost the entire county lost power when many power lines and substations were damaged.

We had a cookout by the pool every night, since that was the only way we could cook. Someone set up a generator, so we spent the nights hanging around the pool & clubhouse instead of in our dark apartments. We were still without power on Halloween, so we had a party for the kids in the clubhouse instead of letting them go trick-or-treating in the dark.

We learned from it and prepared for future storms. The condo association bought a generator and a large freezer for the clubhouse. One of the reasons I bought my Prius was because of the long gas lines we had when most gas stations were without electricity to pump gas.

We just finished having the last roofs replaced – almost half of the 34 buildings needed a new roof. Other than that we were pretty lucky. We didn’t have any damage other than the roofs and some flooding. A lot of people lost their homes and some of them still don’t have their roof fixed.


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