Another Leopard feature: paths.d

If you use the terminal and use MySQL or open source packagers such as MacPorts or Fink, you’ve probably had to edit your shell startup script to set the command search path so you can access the new commands.

Leopard makes it much easier – simply place a file in /etc/paths.d listing the additional paths you’d like added to your command search path. For example, if you use MySQL, you should create /etc/paths.d/mysql containing the following:


No more editing .profile or .bashrc, and it’s available to all user accounts automatically.

Thanks to SysArchitects for bringing this to my attention.

2 thoughts on “Another Leopard feature: paths.d”

  1. I found this in /etc today, and it’s great, no risk to add things to files created by the system that you forget you did 🙂

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