What's happening with my2unz.com

Things have been pretty quiet with my2unz.com lately, but I have some big programming changes planned. I finally got a chance to do some work on it over the weekend.

The site uses a custom Drupal module for iTunes integration. In addition to importing iTunes playlist or library XML files, it also defines several content types for tracks, albums, artists, and playlists. I use a few custom tables to link artists, albums, and tracks. The module also defines the forms & views for those content types.

I’m eliminating those content types from the module and converting them to standard content types using CCK node reference fields and standard views. The itunes module will simply act as a helper and will still handle importing iTunes data. Hopefully I’ll be able to preserve the existing site content.

I would like to open it to the public before the end of the year. I was originally planning to wait for Drupal 6, but it’s still far from ready and most of the modules I use aren’t compatible.

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