NetNewsWire is still the best news reader

I decided to give Google Reader another chance and try the new features like friends, but after less than a day I went back to NetNewsWire.

I find that I can get through the news a lot faster in NetNewsWire. One big reason is that I have full control over when it gets updated. I have one group, Favorites, that gets updated every hour. The rest of the feeds I only update manually. I put feeds that I need to keep up with constantly, such as software updates and warnings from FeedBurner in the favorites group so I get notified right away.

Google Reader, on the other hand, refreshes continuously. I often find new items before I finish reading the last update.

One of Google Reader’s most popular features (and Scoble’s favorite) is shared items. I can do the same with NetNewsWire by adding an item to my clippings, which are automatically shared here.

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