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I decided to try out Lijit, which Scoble briefly mentioned and I’m impressed. I just had to enter my blog URL and usual nickname and it automatically located my profiles at Flickr,, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Digg and others I had forgotten about completely such as ma.gnolia & StumbleUpon. It also added my entire blogroll as my network, with all of their content.

The result is the search ‘wijit’ you see in the sidebar of this page. It can search all of my content on all sites, as well as content generated by my network.

One thought on “Search Wijit”

  1. Mike, thanks for giving Lijit a try and for the post. We would love to hear any feedback that you might have concerning the wijit's functionality or the detailed stats that we provide. If you have any questions at all, I'm here to help…tara at lijit dot com.

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