Macworld Day 1

I was up at 4:30 AM and on line before 5:30, yet I only got into the overflow room. I was very disappointed with the lack of internet access and power. I was able to plug in my MacBook Pro a few times to charge it, but I wasn’t able to get online for more than a few minutes, at Microsoft’s Blogger Lounge, where the WiFi only worked intermittently.

Today’s keynote was the first in a long time where I didn’t want to run out and buy something right away. The MacBook Air is gorgeous, but I can’t really use it since it doesn’t have enough storage and is too slow to be my primary machine, and there’s no easy way to sync it with another Mac.

I met Daniel Brusilovsky, Robert Scoble, and Patrick Scoble in the show and at 6PM I went to Daniel’s Apple Universe Live event.

The internet connection in my hotel isn’t working and they said it would be several hours before it’s fixed.

I haven’t been able to upgrade my iPhone without a reliable connection, although that’s probably a good thing, since Patrick Scoble bricked his iPhone doing the update. I’m now posting this from Starbucks near Moscone West.

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