Macworld Day 2, Part 1

Connectivity was a lot better today. Today I discovered that they have a “hidden” network (no SSID broadcast) outside the exhibit hall, so I was able to get online at Moscone South. I took advantage of it to update my iPhone to 1.1.3. The upgrade went smoothly and my iPhone didn’t get bricked.

I went to the WordPress meetup lunch at Chaat Cafe and met some interesting people from WordPress, C|Net, and MacTeens, and I got a new red WordPress T-shirt.

I bought an Eye-Fi card, which I haven’t had a chance to try yet. It’s a 2GB SD card with built-in WiFi that can upload directly to Flickr or into iPhoto. I’ll post something about it later.

The Eye-Fi card won best of show, along with Parallels Server, MacBook Air, and Photoshop Elements. Ben Rudolph from Parallels was sitting behind me and he noticed the Parallels Desktop icon in my dock.

I’m now blogging from H&R Block Tango’s Blog Spot, where the wired internet connection is very fast, and they have free beer. I’ll probably post more later.

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