Missing Joe Strummer

Today I was reminded how much I miss Joe Strummer and The Clash. First, someone linked to this video. Tonight in the gym, “Bhindi Bhagee” came up in my shuffle playlist.

The Clash was so much more than a punk band. They blended genres from rock through Ska, Reggae, and World Music.

One response to “Missing Joe Strummer

  1. Just look at the faces in the audience….they know they are in the presence of greatness, even the ones who may not be Clash fans…they know all right.
    The label ‘legend’ is lightly bandied about these days…not in the case of Joe Strummer…..once a generation does soemthing like him [and The Clash] come around.
    I was lucky enough to see them live 17 times. Ask any of thousands upon thousands of Clash fans and the answer will be the same….The Clash changed my life forever. The only band that mattered.

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