Firefox 3.0b3

I tried Firefox 3.0b3 today and I really like it.

I change browsers fairly often, because I usually get annoyed with slowness, bugs, or quirks in each of them. Until today I was using Safari. Before that it was Flock, until I got annoyed with its window and tab handling bugs.

I had tried other Firefox 3 betas, but I always ended up missing my extensions, which don’t work with Firefox 3. Most of them still don’t work in 3.0b3, unfortunately. I really missed having a posting extension since none of them are compatible. I’m now using Shareaholic, which seems to be the only posting extension that works in Firefox 3.

The new beta is beautiful. It looks more like Safari with its nice new toolbar and more Mac-like tabs. For the first time, Firefox now looks and feels like a real Mac application.

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